You can play the game on the browser or download it and you can save your progress.

Moves with WASD.

I am aware of the common bug of falling through the floor and outside of the map. 

This game was made by a single person and it took 5 months.

Even though it has many quality options from very low to ultra. There is only one difference. In very low setting there are no light effects, making the game run more smoothly. Otherwise from low to ultra is the same. 

The main character, npcs and boss are my sprites. While the backgrounds and common enemies are free assets. The music is from blasphemous. The no pause while esc is on purpose like dark souls lol maybe I'll change it. All the programming and Ai is mine.


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Great game!
I loved the boss room details. And the boss.
Maybe add somemore details above ground?

Also - where is the sword when "falling down" ?

Please keep going, it's great!


Thank you for playing. Since it is my first game doing game dev and pixel art i tried to keep the animation at minimum that's why there is no sword while praying or falling. If I were to make it from the beginning I would remove it entirely and make it only show up when attacking. 

Again thanks for the kind words and for giving my game a chance. 

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I like the character animations. Especially the jump attack / crouch / roll.
If you spam the crouch and attack buttons at the same time you can lock yourself in a state where you can only attack while jumping.

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Oohhh is that it? Thank you. I noticed that some times I can't attack and I was wondering why. I'll test it myself and see if i can fix it. 

EDIT: Fixed it.